Nike Air Max Breathe Free II's

Nike Air Max Breathe Free II's

The G.O.A.T. Shoes of Tennis

Worn by Andre Agassi, Carlos Moya, Li Na, Rafael Nadal.

Nike's are the lightest and most amazing tennis shoes I have ever worn.
As long as your feet were not extra wide, they were legendary.

Even in 2020, these are still referred to as the Greatest of all Time Tennis Shoes. Designed by Nike's Senior Designer Ben Yun.

Architecturally inspired - they were first playtested by Serena Williams and Carlos Moya.

This shoe helped Grand Slam winner Li Na win her 1st Grand Slam at the French Open

What could be better than a brand new pair of Nike's Air Max Breathe Free II's?
How about a Free Replacement Pair!

In 2013, I wore out the outsoles of my last pair (in yellow/blue) and I decided to test out the Nike 6-month outsole guarantee to get a new pair.

They sent me a new one in less than a week, no questions asked - with next day air! Thank you, Oregon!

I had gotten the original ones discounted from $110 to $80 at Sports Authority on clearance, proceeded to wear them down to the bone... I ended up returning them exactly 6 months minus one day thinking I had nothing to lose...and they totally honored their guarantee!

I would highly recommend these shoes; they have the highest shoe rating on 4.6 out of 5.0

You can't even buy these puppies at retail stores anymore...They have been replaced by the newer model BF3's have been given mixed reviews; I'm very very happy with my BF2's and should last me another 6 months in the summer heat.

Shoe Dog - Tennis Nikes

Nike Vapor 9.5 / Nike Prestige - These models worn by Federer are even lighter, but do not have a 6-month Warranty.

But they have all the best performance out of any Nike shoe on the market today.

Nike Vapor X - The "X" - from Bowerman's Briefcase to the soles of tennis players' feet. 10th Gen.

The Federer Shoe - I am now a big fan of these shoes, especially in the grey/blue color. If you give these a try, your feet will thank you!

Not quite as heavy as the Nadal's Cage or Ballistic shoes. The trade-off is the amount of rubber around the toe and forefoot for toe-draggers. You know who you are. Tip: If your outsoles wear out before your toe and forefoot uppers, then I would consider trying the Vapor line - you may be surprised!

Usually, my tennis shoes last 6-9 months and I prefer to buy them in pairs of 2 so that I can "rest" one pair and use the other. It is good to stock up on any pair you love, as they may go out of stock in 2-3 years.

March 2021 - the last 2 pair of the Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour/Prestige outsole in Men's size 9