Sunday, July 08, 2018

Citi Open Discount Tickets + Tips + Citi Swag Review

 Citi Open 2018 Promo Codes

Welcome back Tennis in Washington DC!

2018 Update:
Wawrinka and Murray will join a cast of young guns and talented players.

Special Citi Open Tickets

Groupons Offer - as low as $8 for qualifiers

Buy One, Get One Deal for North Side Covered
BOGO Deal (Buy One, Get One) as low as $30 for Citi Cardmember Customers

This year brings back a host of powerhouse pro, including many top ATP men and WTA women players under one tournament!

Special Events and Discount Days during the week:

Photo Gallery
Citi Open - JC Tennis / Tennis Bargains Media Team
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Mark your calendars if you'll be in DC, July 16-24...a must watch event if you're a Tennis Fan!

Top Citi Open Booths - stop by for the best swag

  • KIND Bars - Their bars are yummy!! Raspberry and the Dark Coco are my favs
  • Arlington YMCA Tennis & Squash (I won pair of Finals Tickets + Free Court time!)
  • Citi Bank booths + suite (Free ear radio starting Tues + fast serve contest)
  • Geico (all important Gecko Fan, to keep cool and shade!)
  • USTA Mid-Atlantic (hats and freebies) 

Media HD Photos from last year and our team coverage continue all week with live updates!

Friday, July 06, 2018

3 Important tips for Watching the US Open Live!

Want to see the top tennis players in the world? This is the 50th US Open!
Federer and Nadal will be in NYC at the biggest Tennis Stadium in the World!

If you're a real tennis fan in the USA, you gotta go see the US Open at least ONCE in your lifetime!  NYC Summer fun!

It's your chance to catch a glimpse of the Grand Slam winners Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal!
Below, I show you how to get the best US Open experience and tickets...

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My US Open experience
I have personally attended over a decade's worth of Grand Slam tennis (all four). Been to NYC dozens of times in my life, with family and friends to see the best matches.

The sport has given me an insider's view at all the Tennis Majors as a tennis fan, player, coach, and now as a sports media photographer and journalist.

Now it's your turn to go without breaking the bank! Get 2-for-1 tickets from Ticket Bargains.

Helping Tennis Fans see their favorite stars
I want to share my experiences and tips with others to get the best experience possible for new fans. Because I get asked in person all the time, it was just easier to write it down.

As a USPTA Professional - I'm committed to making the US Open Experience fun, affordable for ALL Americans. While coporate greed is causing ticket prices to skyrocket, I want to make sure the true fans have a better chance at watching these "Sold Out" matches in real life.

Tickets are still being bought and sold by fans, look here in July-August.
Even these so-called "sold out" sessions will still have ones available!  The Labor Day Holiday Weekend Tickets get sold more quickly. Prices and new tickets are updated daily, so it helps to bookmark and check back!

Our Facebook Updates keep you in the loop about upcoming schedule and player changes.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

US Open Shade Map 2018 - how to avoid the heat at the US Open

July Heat Wave
Most of the USA just went through a heat wave! Many cities this summer had heat indexes over 90 or even 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix that with bad ozone conditions (code orange or red) and it's a bad idea to be outdoors for long.

Health Risks of staying in the Sun too long
I often hear the reason most fans avoid attending the US Open is that this heat for a whole day can be very draining. It can even be a danger to your health if you have any elderly fans with heart or lung problems. I highly recommend that fans drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun.

Shade at the US Open
I have created a US Open Shade Map to help anyone find a cooler place to watch your tennis match. This one illustrates how the sun will move the shade line inside Arthur Ashe Stadium.

US Open Shade Map
(Ashe Stadium with roof)
How to Find Shade at a Tennis Event
An easy rule of thumb to find shade (or at least a slightly cooler area) is look for the side with the umpire chair.

The Umpire chair is located on the West Side of any US Open tennis court or stadium. As you can see in the illustration, the shade line will slide slowly toward the East over time.

Buyer's tip: Look to buy Ashe tickets in Sections 340 to 324. They will generally be the most shaded areas to purchase tickets inside while the roof is open. Also if you need some relief away from the sun, it may be wise to move further up to the top under the edges of the roof.

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