Lucky #8

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So I always get asked this...what's the significance of 8..."or why the number 8?"

Roger's B-day is 08/08/81
1)  Roger Federer's Birthday
Born on August 8th or 08/08. Some things were just meant to be.

Team 8 is the name of Federer's Agent Company.

2)  The Top 8 players in the ATP Series compete in the year-ending Masters' Championship.

Only the Top 8 players in the world (or any Grand Slam winner of that year) qualify to enter.

Similar to the world cup, they play a round-robin first part and then the top finishers of their group compete for the "Best of the Best" title of the year.

3) The Number 8 is considered Lucky!

In places like Hong Kong, where the word Eight is pronounced in Cantonese, it sounds phonetically like "Wealth" or "Prosperity".

Fun fact in article of the NY Times reported:
"...that plates with an extra “8″ (a “lucky” number in Hong Kong) sold for 63.5 percent higher on average...."
4) The NTRP System (US tennis rating)

The NTRP evaluates players on a scale between 1.0 (able to pick a racket) to 7.0 (Pro tour players in the top 50 of the world). So I can only aspire to be like Roger and Rafael, 8.0s =)

5) Infinite Logo - Tennis Forever

You may notice I drove an Infiniti.. Its logo emblem resembles the infinity symbol (∞).
The continual dual loops represent infinite continual motion.

Infinity also looks like a sideways 8!

I always thought: 
"Tennis Forever" had a nice ring.

6) The word "Eight" and "Ace" are phonetically similar.

Tennis8 ~ Tennis Ace

7) "TENNIS8" is a Fun vanity plate for my car.
Because "Tennis1" to"Tennis7" was already taken.
If only I could own all Tennis 1 through 9... and the accompying fleet of sports cars!


8) A Chess Board has 64 squares...which is 8x8 (8 squared).

I am an avid chess player (JCTennis on

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