US Open 2006 - Agassi's Farewell

Over Labor Day weekend 2006, I flew up to NYC for a few days to watch the US Open. The night before, Agassi had just beaten Baghdatis in a thrilling 5 setter match. Although the 3 days/nights of rain outs interrupted play, it also had one major positive -- in that the stadium matches for the next day were packed and fans got to enjoy a lot more tennis on the side courts.

I had some of the best seats at Armstrong and Grandstand courts, courtesy of a good friend Arie who was thoughtful enough to save me a seat on the 3rd row behind the Safin vs Rochus match. It was a terrific contrast of styles and physical sizes. The 5 set Haas/Ginepri match was also a thriller, with Haas wearing the iron man crown this year for consecutive 5-set matches...finally giving way to Davadenko.

The American Express member appreciation awards at the Open were also very spiffy - handed out free metro passes and radios to all card holders.

Outside the Open, I got to explore Flushing/Brooklyn NYC for the first time. We checked out a lot of great Flushing Chinatown restaurants and shops. I had no idea that NYC had a Chinatown other than the one in Manhattan actually, but of course I had to go visit Midtown as well. *The iPaq GPS navigation really came in handy*

Explored some fashion/design colleges with my sister, and happened to stumble upon some shows while we were in the city. Turns out that we were there during Fashion Week!

The Midtown Comics store and MoCCA (museum of cartooning and comic arts) was also a treat to fine in the city.

Overall a very fun trip and lots of souvenirs to bring home =)
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