My new domain:

Finally reserved a short domain name (.com) I wanted - sans hyphenation

I'm also beta testing a Wordpress' blog to see if I like the interface better than Blogger.  My biggest gripe with Blogger is how it handles white space and doesn't properly embed/align images when I compose. I just wish that wordpress did not "nickel and dime" you for every little feature and upgrade.  Maybe I just need a better Blogger theme (suggestions welcomed*).

9/26 Rain all day
Today is suppose to rain all day, so I have some time to gather some thoughts and finally update this blog!
In the last month, I have been trying to dedicate almost 15-20 hours a week to playing tennis - that's 5-6 days a week at about 3-4 hours a session.  Yes, that's a lot - my body has been feeling it initially, as my regular playing time was normally 1.5-2 hours a session.

Practice Sessions

Lately, I'll go practice with one friend for 1-2 hours and then play a couple sets against someone else; often I need to travel to multiple courts to find the right competition.
I think my goal in the next month or so before it starts getting colder/darker in DC, will be to dedicate at least 1-2 days to physical training. This will be mostly high reps and upper body work, as my legs are so depleted after these long marathon sparing sessions.

I am a perfectionist, so my standards are very high.  If we aren't constantly improving and trying to excel: faster/smarter/better, it's time to think about retirement...