Agassi Agassi inducted into Tennis Hall of Fame 2011

Andre Agassi was inducted into this year's Tennis Hall of Fame. Winner of the all 4 Tennis Majors and the Olympic Gold medal for the USA, he is a living legend of the game.

As a New Year's resolution, I pledged to finish reading his book, Open: An Autobiography. It wasn't hard, as I just had less than 100 pages left. But the final chapters were so good and the book was so tough to put down, that I completed my resolution on Day 1.

I realized that I was right around the age when Agassi just completed his career Grand Slam, and divorced his first wife (actress) Brooke Shields. He took his personal life in a whole new direction and made a lot of noteworthy contributions - not only back to the game of tennis, but to Education and Life at his preparatory school and academy in Las Vegas.

It was interesting to hear his perspective and stories while he was in Washington DC at Legg Mason.  I wonder what that homeless guy did with those tennis rackets he "donated" to him?

If you are a tennis fan - I would highly recommend this book. It changed my own perspective on my childhood...the pressures that a parent's pre-determined ambitions or a sport can weigh so heavily on a grown man's soul.

If you buy this book from my link, send me an email about what you thought about it or just post up a comment. I will personally send you an Amazon Gift Card to you. It is *that* good and I know you'll enjoy reading it (also available on the Kindle).