Mental Tennis: Watching 5+ hours of Live Pro Tennis

Citi Open Finals Flashback: Aug 2012

Alexandra Dolgopolov reacts in ATP 500 Final (Citi Open) after dropping a game

Even with the funny captions, it turns out that he wasn't actually looking at my photographer and me, thank goodness! Here's our reverse viewpoint to the TV cameras, at that same moment =)

Actually, it is hard to stay emotionally distant during huge points, when you're so physically close to the action in the photographer's pit. Sometimes I prefer to sit a little bit further and higher up so you get a better "coach's angle" of the plays.

Mental Tennis Matches: playing and spectating among Friends

As part of the press, you're asked to be impartial. Both Alex and Tommy are great guys so it would have been a hard ask to root against either. Both were in a tough struggle when they split sets after a long rain delay.

Equally hard is when you either have to play against someone you know, or watch your friends battle it out against each other.

My Advice: I try not to pick sides, remember my training, perform the very best I can that day, and always applaud great plays on both sides of the net.