3 Behaviors of Successful Tennis Players


1) Do Not be Lazy.

If you have a goal, a dream, a passion to be the best - you cannot be lazy. There are no superstars in the world that can stay #1 in any sport if they sit back on their laurels. Really - try and name one. Can you imagine how much work, diligence, and struggle plus sacrifices they had to make to get to #1? It is not such a sexy topic, and we'd all like to imagine success can come cheaply or free - but I can tell you it doesn't.

Look at Messi. Look at Federer. Look at LeBron James.

At some point, they had to humble themselves and ask themselves if they love it enough? They had to grind harder, train longer, and keep their faith strong. Through pain, through defeat, through pressure - they came a long way in their journey to the top of their own mountain.

"Hard Work" is not a miracle pill you can pay $3 to get a daily fix.

2) Do not be Rude.

Smart or dumb, we owe it to our fellow man to extend him a fair challenge. To prove worth on an equal playing field. Ours should not be to judge, when we ourselves are imperfect.

Extend common courtesy of politeness. Respect cultural and social differences. Give the other person the benefit of the doubt before we cast the first stone.

Being "Rude" or "Lazy" are completely deliberate choices we have control over.
These should be 4-letter words in any tennis student's vocabulary.

Only Human.
Also just because the stars have riches and/or fame, their private lives should not be our public tabloid fuel. There is a great price that comes with great power/fame/wealth...but however envious or upset or disturbed we are about their status, we need to remind ourselves that they are human too.

Being greeted in a sincere manner goes much further, than expecting them to behave as circus animals on a stage for you at every moment in public.

3) Seek to understand from others.

Open your mind. Try to know yourself, know the terrain, know your enemy. Do not be afraid to ask for help or advice.

Figure out what went right or what went wrong, after every match. Watch replays from pros.

Learn. Grow. Think Beyond. Never think you know everything, never think someone new cannot show you something new.

Winning is not good enough. Never stop learning or trying to get better.

"Seek excellence in all endeavors"...as my HS Calculus teacher would say.