Stanford Tennis Memories

December 2019: my last pre-covid visit to the Stanford Campus

June 2006: 2 days of tennis training with Coach Gould

To Jacky - Best Wishes, Dick Gould (6/18/06)

Team USA Calendar - March 2021: start of my Stanford GSB executive postgrad 

The color red of "JC" on my avatar logo has always been Stanford's Cardinal Red

In the summer of 2006, I had the great privilege to play tennis at Stanford University.
Held at the site of the WTA Bank of the West Classic - the Nike Boot Camp weekend.

Coach Dick Gould helped me develop a kick serve and autographed my DVD.

He spent maybe a total of 10 minutes working on my serve but it was enough to change my tennis life.
Before that summer, my service motion had always been hit with slice, topspin, or flat.

I still remember, he emphasized getting the front edge of the racket to go up and out instead of up and across. It took me a few attempts but that one new tool propelled my game to a whole next level.