Stanford Tennis Memories

March 2023 Stanford Update:

Shoes of Nike's Dad - Phil Knight

Such a fun week living in Palo Alto Downtown!

I got to celebrate #Me2We2023 at Stanford GSB.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do!"

  • Rain or shine, I rode the Marguerite Shuttle (X, Y)
  • I walked and talked with Stanford students, athletes, staff, and professors on campus daily.
  • My Favorite Lunch? Jimmy V's Sports Cafe - the Roasted Chicken Special - a student favorite 
  • The breakfast burrito (chorizo) was the best value in all of Palo Alto - yes, I sampled many meals (ranging from $18 to $80).

Photographer for the week's speakers, events

Somehow, we managed a minor miracle. Fitting ~400 LEADers on the CEMEX auditorium stage! 

Assembling this international body of GSB cohorts together for the first time in 4 years was prolific.

#Me2We2023 Week had over 400 in attendance!

 Stanford Men's Head Coach Paul Goldstein. His team motto: "We before Me."

Johnny Mac Returns in June!

Memories at Stanford

JC at Stanford's Main Quad

June 2006: my great tennis privilege of playing at Stanford University for Coach.

Coach Dick Gould created my kick serve - this single shot paid dividends 100x over in my tennis.

Check out Coach Dick Gould's new book - "Anatomy of a Champion" (2022)

Nike Tennis Boot Camp - was held at the former home of the Bank of the West Classic for the WTA.

June 2006: Nike tennis training and DVD featuring Coach Gould

Signed: "To Jacky - Best Wishes, D. Gould (6/18/06)"

Team USA Calendar - March 2021

The start of my Stanford GSB executive postgrad 

Stanford's Cardinal Red
The color of "JC" on all my avatar logos 

Phil Knight (MBA '62) has graciously donated over half a billion dollars to Stanford

"The Trees Always Know."

The lion's share of creating the new Stanford GSB Knight Management Center.

" Shoe Dog" is my prescribed GSB prerequisite reading!

It became my business travel anthem.

May this book inspire you to dream, to fly, to grow!

Grown on the Farm by the Bay

Soil from Planters' Thiel and Musk

Blooming, One of many.

Forever Grateful.

- JC

From Stanford LEAD to Pickleball Startup

In Spring 2021, along with Stanford LEAD, I simultaneously became part-owner and ambassador advisor to (an EdTech startup). From each of my 9 executive business courses, I added my small contributions to the startup, growing it from seed to sun.

Now featured on - the multi-sport platform helps grow the fastest-growing sport in America (along with the MLP / PPA league and pro tour). Join me, Mark Cuban, and the pickle club!

The Influence of Nike and Stanford - Transforming the Untold Lives of Millions.

Play for Her (or Him) - "one's Childhood vision."

Deep within each of us - long before money, fancy cars, and big titles got in the way - was a childhood dream.

A little innocent voice that whispered in a hazy daydream. So faint you dared not repeat it out loudly for fear it would vanish altogether. This faithful 'fantasy' has been a thread running inside you throughout your entire life. You just don't know why.

Eventually, the modern world got so busy you had to ignore it. Somewhere along the way, we each slowly forgot who we once were. Our Orphan of Hope had been blinded and abandoned for more "serious and urgent matters"...

All great athletes aspire to find our "Zone" of Zen. We can spend an entire career finding that place and dwelling in it as long as possible. It is not a place where oxygen or food or cash has any currency. This is the purpose of your being. La raison d'etre to the French.

JCtennis: a little 'Church' - a lot of 'Tennis'

For me, the zone was on the tennis court. A holy ground. The magical rectangle where time stood still. The rules and code of honor were upheld. Where the worries of the World could not pierce. White lines on green courts. Where contenders of all sizes, shapes, creeds, or colors - rich or poor, young or old - came to worship for free. This language we all speak is as universal as it is transparent. You would only truly know another man after you fight him. So equal, yet nothing at the same time. Naked to the sun, the wind, the net.

Freedom is a Map - Education a Compass

I recalled my own inner child's voice. The hopeful feeling within myself to build something great. I, too, pushed away my tennis dream. Let it be locked inside a heavy chest. Selfishly weighed down by general adulting and financial burdens.

The respectable job and paying a fancy mortgage became a personal pair of golden handcuffs I shackled myself to each morning. Too afraid to openly listen to my inner voice's words.

If you don't water it, it will eventually die too. So I did just that. I went to find some water.

Stanford LEAD now allows you to find the Leadership Path from anywhere.

You can cherry-pick your electives at a fractional cost of the traditional Stanford MBA.

Gain the selective force-multiplier effects and take the courses that best maximize your business ROI at a pace that learning yet fosters community-building.

Rediscover a "student mindset" and learn online with a customized business program.
Do it for yourself - start your postgrad business journey today!

For anything of significant meaning to your life, I guarantee this much:

1. Either you'll find the Way OR 2. you'll find an even better Excuse...

Even after learning about the Stanford LEAD program, I had hesitated with self-doubts for nearly 2 years! The 5-figure costs, the time commitment, and the application candidate pool. Could I make it worthwhile in the field of execs and Advanced degrees?

Finally, during the Spring of 2021 COVID lockdown, all the great projects I had tabled - I now had time. If not now, then never, I thought.

I cashed out my 15-year-old rental investment on the East Coast. I took part of this real estate profit to invest in an EdTech startup. More importantly, a fraction of the money and most of my time helped fuel my leap to sign up for Stanford LEAD!

At the end of the following semester, with my progress, I committed to "burn my boats".
During the Great Resignation, I quit my full-time day job to officially prioritize my startup, dedicating all my free time, focus, and energy there. I included the product, customer experience, and marketing teams to bring the team along for the Stanford ride.

Each of the 9 business courses was specifically chosen, and each weekly assignment was tailored to improve the quality of TopCourt. I would learn quickly how to eat my own dog food.

Over 4,500 global members, from FAANG C-suite to freelancers, have joined the Stanford LEAD community. A network of talented minds and fearless hearts. What are you waiting for?

Stanford LEAD welcomes a fresh global cohort class of ~400 Strong. Starting each semester.

My personal referral endorsement as Stanford LEAD Alumni

This gets you as far as the Stanford door...but only you can choose to walk inside.


Question to Parents about childhood dreams:

If your biological child's education is worth the price - does the psychological Inner Child deserve a chance, too?

"I knew tennis could show me the World, but it could never be my (entire) World"
- Roger Federer