Munich and BMW Open - Bavarian Alps Tour

I got an amazing few days to enjoy Bavarian food, culture, and the outdoors. This stop-over trip in Germany was the 2nd European Spring in a row.

Got to fly on the new Luftansa flight from San Diego to Munich direct. On my way to Spain to attend the Madrid Masters 1000 ATP/WTA event, I decided to make the most of this pitstop!


I drove South through the AutoBahn in a BMW 4 Series diesel. Petrol stations are interesting!

Arriving in the Alps, I stayed at an Airbnb cottage in Garmisch with a nice mountain sunset view for a few nights. The warm glow of morning greets you eagerly for nature's adventures.

Winter Olympics of 1972 - this giant Ski Jump now hosts a beer house!

The many outdoor adventures and scenic landscapes of Germany

BMW Open - Tennis and Cars

Enjoyed the tech innovations in Germany! I was hosted overnight by a BMW corporate employee.

 The special guided tour inside the heart of BMW Global HQ factory.

Finished autos are "delivered" onto the carousel platform, rotating on the 2nd-floor center showroom.

Hiking the Bavarian Alps -

Sunrise photos from the town of Garmish and then made the loop around Lake Eibsee.

Zugspitze - home of the World's longest ski lift

Reaching the summit of Germany. Channeling my Jimmy Chin (MasterClass) for this Canon shot.

Welcome to Austria! The International Mountain Pass Border over the Alps.

The Rooftop of Deutschland. More beer.

I also highly recommend exploring the Gorge in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with its scenic waterfalls!

The short rain made for more dramatic photos! With overcast skies as I hiked down to the valley gorge.

Fussen - a Storybook Fairyland town in Europe with painted walls of magic.

Click to zoom in! Castles of Mad King Ludwig. A great board game and a bucket list to see.

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Knowing life's red and yellow lights eventually turn green.
May you all discover your life's 2nd Mountain. Good luck!

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey (2021)
This journey was inspired and narrated by Matthew's audiobook
"Catching green lights is also about Timing, the world's timing and ours. 
It can also be about sheer Luck and Fate. 
Navigating the Autobahn of Life in the best way possible. 
It's about getting Relative with the Inevitable at the right time."