Basil - Railways to Roger Pt. 2

Roger's Town - Basel, Switzerland

Back in Europe for the clay-court season, I was returning back to the USA after meeting Rafael Nadal at his hometown and academy.

To make the journey complete I decided to book a detour to see Switzerland again, after the great holiday experience the previous Spring at the Sechseläuten or Sächsilüüte weekend festival.

Visiting Basel via train from Zurich

To complete this European tennis tour, let's go make a tennis pitstop to visit Roger Federer's hometown in Basel!

From here, you can see both Germany and France at the same time!

This is an all-important city for loyal fans of Mr. Roger Federer. Between tournaments, he often flies home to Switzerland to practice and spend time with his family.

Basel Bridge Seal

Just before Madrid, he spent some time prepping with his team to prepare his body for the clay season.

Maestro's Magic

His peers describe him as a funny/silly guy who's still a child at heart. More importantly, he's a very decent, humble human being.

Switzerland's shining superstar - the role model for tennis.

Just like Kei Nishikori from Japan, Roger is a global brand ambassador for Uniqlo.

Swiss Indoors - ATP 500 Event

If you can come here in the Autumn, around October, you can also visit the Swiss Indoor 500 Championships. Roger was once even a ball kid here!

The architecture and history of this city are amazing. You will see a lot of German influences around the town center.

Swiss-German is the language most commonly spoken here. But one can get by with English easily here, too - the Swiss are very multi-lingual!

Laver Cup

Later in the year, Roger welcomed the world to Geneva. Just one of many beautiful cities to visit and explore while in Switzerland.

To lend his support in America, he was nice enough to come by during his recovery to support his friends here in the USA for 2021. Flying to Boston unannounced, he surprised everyone during that Laver Cup.

In his final pro match, he played doubles with his greatest rival and friend, Rafael Nadal.

It was a very emotional ending, filled with tears of joy and sadness. But Roger could go out on his own terms, in his own time, in his own way. Tennis will always remember his career and personality fondly.

At the London 2022 Laver Cup, the Big 4 played together for the last time

See Switzerland and Travel with Tennis

I encourage tennis fans to plan a trip to Europe.
Witness the beauty of the country and explore new continents.
Combine your love of tennis and travel together! I show the way.

Why should we make our cages bigger?
When we can make
 this world smaller.

Perhaps you, too will meet Mr. Federer in the Swiss Alps!
Hope to see you at the mountaintop. Bon Voyage!

Tennis and Travel:
'Tis not the mountain we conquered, but ourselves.