There are no free "Let's" or "Re-do's" in life.
Make it Count.

You can't count on second chances.

Conditions are never going to be perfect and time will keep ticking away while you wait. Don't waste your opportunities. Have a game plan.

All you can do is prepare...

Well that and Work hard. Train well. Eat healthy. Pray. Keep fighting. Earn every point. Celebrate your wins. Try to learn from your losses. Then do it all over again.

In a nutshell, that's the life of a tennis grinder. That's my life.

Tennis: Merits of Sport

The optimist in me says Tennis is the great equalizer, the great meritocracy of sport - it's code and ideals are suppose to be based on the performance of the better man that day. Rich or poor, young or old, fat or thin - the law of the court determines your fate at the end of the match.

If you have shortcomings in health or in character. Tennis will expose them. It reveals Sin and makes them pay.

  • Ever eat a Big Mac and drink a super-size Coke before exercising?
  • Want to quit smoking but still stay thin?
  • Enjoy alcohol too much sometimes and regret it later?
  • Habit of partying too late before a big match?

Trust me - tennis will tell you to your face.

You don't need to appear on Biggest Loser, or buy nicotine patches, or go to AA to get instant feedback that you're doing something wrong to your body. :) Try to seek moderation in all things...

Even to get mentally tougher, feel more confident and learn self-discipline in your daily routine.

Play enough tennis, and you'll learn quick enough. Or for the stubborn enough, pass out trying to fight Biology and Tennis.

The price of true glory will come in blood, sweat and perhaps some tissue damage.There is No way to Buy yourself what is truly worth attaining.

Read the rest...and hope it will inspire you

Starting out, Overcoming Adversity

Being just 5'4, starting tennis relatively late at the age of 13 and being born Asian in the USA with a funny name often mistaken as "Jackie Chan" can be a rough start.

But you're taught pretty early in preschool by "The little engine that could" - I think I can, I think I can. So you don't give up. You don't give in - you just keep grinding up that mountain no matter how steep the damn thing gets.

Getting a Title Shot

Anyone - I mean anyone, has a shot at the title or the championship if you want it bad enough. And that is what's so great about the sport of Tennis. It bridges so many cultures and continents. How we conduct ourselves on the court is reflected in how and what we struggle with throughout life.

The great "microcosm" of tennis - love and hate

As a realist, I have no doubt that there those out there who hate when you break the status quo (is "tradition" the correct euphemism?). Not everyone who stands around you, wants you to succeed. Remember to surround yourself with people that encouraged and inspired you when you have nothing to give back in return - they are the nobles. Test them in battle, but keep them with you always.

To be one Asian tennis player..."a minority among minorities" is undoubtedly a difficult and often times lonely journey down what was originally a very foreign path for me.

There were no road maps I could buy, there were no detours signs as I approached too close to cliffs, no anchor holds to repel up and down walls and obstacles I encountered. You travel by the stars in the sky, wind behind your back, and a voice in your heart.

Finding Inspirational People

Yesterday, I watched "Guga" Kuerten get inducted to the tennis hall of fame. The highest award bestowed upon a lifetime of work. His game was a thing of beauty and always bought passion and art on court with him.

If you know/love tennis, you must also watch the Agassi Induction speech.

But on that dangerous road through victory and defeat, you will eventually encounter the three Villains: the Bully, the Thief and the Mercenary.

They are out to see you suffer, see you robbed or see you destroyed for profit.

You will encounter them. It is only a matter of where and how often. You must be on-guard, know how to spot them at a distance, then know how to defend yourself at all times. Sometimes they try to blend in as part of your team, pretend to stand for good but in actuality use their power for only selfish gains. Just remember to shoo away the coat-tail riders flies, they will just attract more and will weigh you down. Reward those who promote and support you for who you are.

Frankie Dunn: You forgot the rule. Now, what is the rule?
Maggie Fitzgerald: Keep my left up?
Frankie Dunn: Is to protect yourself at all times. Now, what is the rule? 
Maggie Fitzgerald: Protect myself at all times.
Frankie Dunn: Good. Good."
- Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Ambassador and Guardian of the Game

As an "Ambassador of Tennis" (as Coach Bryan calls it), I have promoted many tennis USTA events, Tennis tips/video/tools, plus offer critical reviews of both great and poor products. To be true guardians and coaches, we have an inherent duty to report as well as inform - in hopes to improve the sport and make a difference for next generation of players. We try to preserve the integrity of the game.

Next Chapter - "Playing for USTA: the good, the bad, and the ugly"

If you want to read more, please like this article! I will try to continue it. Also I plan to create a chapter for the club and rec players out there who are just starting out: "USTA: the good, the bad, and the ugly". My review and personal insight of the different tournaments, plus types of people and players in the game. Covers my experiences with USTA League (playing on a team), Flex League (playing alone), and NTRP Tournaments. Stay tuned!